Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ashlee Simpson Hairstyles

Over the course of Ashlee Simpson's career we've seen her don just about every natural hair color imaginable, including black, blonde, red and her natural brunette hair color as well.

Still waiting for Ashlee to try neon blue and grunge green hair color, its really just a matter of time...

Regardless of the hair color, Ashlee Simpson is well known for sporting marvelously edgy hairstyles, often very sleek and straight with a touch of bangs.

Enjoy this picture gallery of Ashlee Simpson and her fabulous hairstyles.
Ashlee Simpson bright auburn red hairstyle.
Ashlee Simpson dark black hairstyle.
Ashlee Simpson light sandy red hair color.
Ashlee Simpson long straight brunette hairstyle.
Cute short black hairstyle with bangs.
Lovely short blonde hairstyle with french braid.

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