Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ali Larter Hairstyles

Ali Larter is a lovely Hollywood actress with a gorgeous head of natural brunette hair, however like many women in show business, Ali Larter commonly dyes her hair blonde for the big screen.

Regardless of the color, Ali Larter has been blessed with wonderful hair and a plethora of fabulous hairstyles.

Here we have a few pictures of Ali Larter's amazingly sleek stylish hairstyles.

Ali Larter cute feathered hairstyle with dark roots.
Ali Larter sleek straight hairstyle with long bangs.
Ali Larter middle parted hairstyle with blonde highlights.
Ali Larter elegant side parted hairstyle.
Ali Larter fabulous long hairstyle with curls.
Ali Larter casual pulled back hairstyle with ponytail.
Ali Larter natural brunette hairstyle.

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